Kick This

ZZZZZZZZ Kicking the Can AAmericans seem infatuated with the constant thought of “kicking” something. Just for kicks, allow me to kick-start this conversation so we can kick out some ideas, and kick the can down the road a while. Consider for a moment that most fundraising or political campaigns typically commence with exhilarating kickoff celebrations where participants are encouraged to kick around their excitement yet avoid being kicked out by security personnel looking to kick some butt. Many folks enjoy the notion of publicly showing off by kicking up their heels, thus kicking up some dust, or they may choose to solemnly kick off their shoes, kick back, and let relaxation kick in instead. Oh, let’s not forget most of us are guilty of kicking and screaming in anger, procrastinating while kicking the tires, failing to kick a bad habit, or not finally kicking that deadbeat to the curb. And, just when we think we’ve kicked life’s experiences about long enough, each of us are assured to peacefully retire following that final earthly moment when we eventually kick the bucket.



Best of You

Ask yourself: do others always get to see the best of you? Chances are, an honest response is “not exactly.” After all, we are human, and often prone to being swept into the dim shadows of toxic drama which leaves negativity in its wake. A wise English gentleman once said “It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what’s required.” Remaining at peak positive personality levels throughout each day is a difficult task. Regardless of sincere intention, we must occasionally do our best to practice acceptance, which facilitates the ability to project positive reactions to given situations that may not be to our benefit or liking. Positive demeanor is typically received in a positive manner, which provides the foundation for allowing others to see more of the best of you.


ZZZZZZZZ Man With Flowers

Duck Herding

Many of us spend an enormous amount of time and energy attempting to arrange ducks in a row. A figurative suggestion, of course, but it describes the inner motivation some have to predict results through manipulation of variables. The intention may be totally unselfish or designed for personal gain, but either way these “duck herders” constantly attempt to control any and all factors. This troubling tendency to create outcomes is easily diminished once we unconditionally turn our lives over to a spiritual connection and accept life as it’s supposed to be. Suddenly we realize ducks aren’t designed to remain in a row; they’re supposed to walk around in a random fashion.


ZZZZZZZZ Ducks in a Row B

Boogie Men

Fear is typically sidestepped if given a choice, but it is something we must approach now and then when we can no longer go around it. Avoiding the multitude of fears experienced daily is almost impossible, yet we continuously seek deflection of full encounter through vain attempts of denial. Opting for the “Boogie Man” to disappear by keeping figurative sheets pulled over our heads is typically employed well beyond early childhood years. One of the most dependable methods for successfully whistling past the graveyard is an unconditional reliance upon the complete and total opposite of Fear, and that’s Faith. 


Sheets B

Today’s Forecast

It’s freezing outside! Seems like it’s pouring buckets. Hot, isn’t it? Sure dry, we need a soaking rain. Gosh, it’s windy. The human race is practically unequipped to initiate, or carry on a conversation without mentioning the weather. What a superb “ice breaker” today’s forecast can be. Mighty beautiful day, or I heard it’s supposed to rain…snow…get hot…turn cold. Mudslides, hurricanes, floods, drought, tornadoes, thunderstorms, sleet, hail, and blizzards automatically snatch headlines, regardless of any other catastrophic events happening. Oh, and let’s not forget weather comments also serve as an appropriate closing to any conversation they originally opened. So, stay cool, and be careful out there!



Traveling On

ZZZZZZZZ Behind Wheel B

As automobiles grow increasingly more automated, drivers are noticeably growing less aware of fellow travelers. Here are a few poor highway practices recently observed during a road trip:

• Fidgeting with electronic devices while driving is dangerous…and just wrong! • Adults should know children need to be secured by seatbelt. • Driving with illuminated high beam headlamps is inconsiderate. • The left lane is designated for passing, and not to be claimed as your personal space. • Highways are not racetracks, so trophies won’t be awarded to imaginary winners. • Extreme limo window tint restricts clear vision in both directions. • That steering wheel is not a lap tray. • 60 seconds gained from stupidity is not worth anything. • A rearview mirror was not designed for applying makeup. • Indiscriminately flicking a burning cigarette out a window into another’s path is rude. • Safe vehicle operation isn’t a video game…cars do not feature a reset button. • Littering is unsightly. • Disrespect has never been a travel requirement. • Road signs are not suggestions…That Lane Really Does End!

Remember, human life is precious, so please drive like it!


10 Words

Ten beneficial words to a personal mantra are IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME. Every human on this planet has the capacity to orchestrate a commendable difference. The common challenge faced in most situations is deciding whether our chosen action creates a positive or negative impact. Just think – we normally possess the power to sway a reaction toward a desired outcome with a glance, gesture, or handful of words, and the choice can usually be predetermined. Here’s the thing – positive introduction typically creates positive results and yields more gratification than a negative route. Training one’s mind to remain engaged in a proactively positive mode is not second nature for most folks, but can be accomplished with practice. Start making a positive contribution today with a kind word shared and prepare to be amazed!